Our Top 10 of Charlotte Agenda's 38 iconic restaurants!

A list of Exact's top 10 picks from this list –in chronological order of course.

A quick look at some classic Charlotte restaurants that have been operating for two decades or more — in some cases a lot more. The oldest is a seasoned 92-year-old hot dog counter in the heart of Uptown. And you thought Charlotte lacked history.

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5 things to know about the Whitewater Center’s Green River Revival, happening this Saturday

The annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, during which the river and its channel are dyed a bright green, is back for its 9th year and expects to see crowds of over 12,000, according to the USNWC.

With activities like a trail run, yoga and live music, there’s plenty to do.

Here’s what you need to know.

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NoDa Brewing Showcases Exact's Graphic Designer "SWITCH" with New Tap Room Paintings

Reid "SWITCH" Bramhall: Stop, Collaborate & Glisten

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and have recently done Star Wars-inspired paintings and thought, "What if I did a hip-hop Storm Trooper?" and the rest is history. I try to create paintings with bold, bright colors with a sort of fun and whimsical twist that some times tell a story. I want to bring a smile to people and bring the kid out of them cause I'm a big kid at heart.

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Justin Hall
The Most Uniquely Absurd Super Bowl Snack In Every State, According To Google

The Super Bowl is coming, which means Google has once again revealed more of America’s absurd snacking habits. The search engine has provided data for the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state in the U.S. over the past week.

If you need help finding a recipe for your state’s most uniquely searched dish, don’t forget that Google Home’s recipe feature can help you find a recipe and then walk you through every step of the process, as if there’s an invisible little cooking instructor in your kitchen.

Check out Google’s results below to find out which recipes people are searching for at a local level.

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Justin Hall