NoDa Brewing Showcases Exact's Graphic Designer "SWITCH" with New Tap Room Paintings

Reid "SWITCH"Bramhall: Stop, Collaborate & Glisten

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and have recently done Star Wars-inspired paintings and thought, "What if I did a hip-hop Storm Trooper?" and the rest is history. I try to create paintings with bold, bright colors with a sort of fun and whimsical twist that sometimes tell a story. I want to bring a smile to people and bring the kid out of them cause I'm a big kid at heart.

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According to NoDa Brewing's website:

We love art, and we love local art even more. In fact, the artistic nature of the NoDa neighborhood is one of the reasons we decided to call it home. We believe that brewing beer is an art; you start with a blank canvas and turn that into something completely different (and wonderful). Because of that, we’ve always made art an important piece of our tap rooms. 

While we already have some amazing murals at our North End tap room, we decided that we wanted to add more at the end of 2017. On March 6, we’ll be unveiling 15 brand new pieces we commissioned local artists to create. Each artists was assigned one of our cans to include in their piece… but the rest was up to them!

We knew this project would be amazing, but we have been absolutely FLOORED by the final products, and the talent of our local artists. Join us as we celebrate making these 15 new pieces permanent fixtures on our tap room wall!

When your namesake neighborhood is known as Charlotte's arts district, there's a certain expectation you have to live up to, and NoDa Brewing Company co-founder Suzie Ford is happy to do so.

According to Creative Loafing:

It was Ford, co-founder and co-owner of NoDa Brewing, who recently decided to create an homage to the countless great artists in the neighborhood and city as a whole.

"We wanted to turn part of the room into NoDa and keep in that feel," says Ford. She put out a call for local artists to paint exclusive artworks based on different cans of NoDa beer on a 36x24 canvas.

After narrowing 60 responding artists to 15, she assigned them a can, gave them a canvas, and let them do as they wish.

On Tuesday night, Ford and the artists unveiled the 15 paintings. CL got a first look at the art and reached out to each artist to tell us about their work.


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